KA1 Training Course in Argolis, Greece

Bridging Time: Perspectives of tourism development through local history
Combined Seminar - Visits

Vocational Training Centre

KEKAP is a certified Vocational Training Centre Peloponnese KEKAP, based in Nafplio. It has been certified in thematic fields of training: Finance and Administration, Informatics, Tourism & Services, Culture & Sport, Environment Health & Welfare, Pedagogical, Agricultural & Logistics.

Argolida combines famous destinations Epidaurus , Mycenae, Nafplio with educational institutions (Archaeological School and Tourism School) and many reputable businesses in the tourism sector. We plan to make KEKAP Host Partner with educational programs related Enterprises cultural / thematic / medical tourism & gastronomy.

All our stakeholders (mainly business) need highly trained stuff and we see our role to design programs competitive and attractive (also to the public abroad). Our main goal is to propose training programs for trainees/ / Workers / entrepreneurs in related disciplines. We are ready to exchange ideas and innovative practices on the field and promote education and training systems of all kind (on the job, course training and business placements)

Indicating Partner institutions are Chambers & VET training Centres

Description and Goals
The participants will acquire skills to promote their touristic business presuming upon history of their region. They will have the opportunity to understand that when we discover the comparative advantage of our land or city, based mostly on history events, we should reveal it and enlighten it in order to attract travelers. The training will focus on local ancient Greek sightseeing, including museum exhibitions, and the way they are promoted. The participants will learn not only the main ancient Greek facts of the region, but also some happenings of modern history of the region, which attract tourists from all over the world.

Target Group
Teaching staff of touristic schools and institutions, adult educators experts on museology/ history/ tourism, tourism operators, tourism guiders, hotel owners who would like to enrich their knowledge on the connection of touristic enterprise and local history events.


Programme Bridging Time: Perspectives of tourism development through local history


Arrival to the city of Argos


-Place: KEKAP

09.00-09.30 Welcome at KEKAP Training Center

09.00-14.30 Introduction to culture tourism connection

  • Etymology
  • Significance
  • Definitions
  • History of tourism (briefly)
  • Modern day tourism (winter, mass, niche)
  • Recent developments (medical, educational)


Place: KEKAP

09.30-11.30 Argolis Local History

  • Comparative advantages according local history of   City of Nafplio, City of Argos, City of Mycenae, City of Epidavros
  • History and museums

11.30 – 14.30 -Food Catering & Restaurant / café & Hotel Hygiene Managment


Place: Outdoor visits

09.30-14.30 Visit  most touristic places City of Nafplio

  • Archeological Museum
  • War museum
  • Rosary museum
  • Walking tour in old town

(professional guide included)


Place: Outdoor visits

09.30-14.30 - Visit  Epidavros Ancient theatre

  • Visit Mycenae’s Archaiological site

(professional guide included )


Place: KEKAP

09.30-13.30 - Tourism economic infrastructure

  • “Philoxenia” sociology
  • Tips from the experts (hotel businessmen speak for their true stories)

13.30 – 14.30 Certificates



- Courses and guides in English
- Translation in German can be arragned at any stage.

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